Making the Best Use of your Qualitative Research: Practical Data Analysis for Experience Design

Fotografía de Victor M González

Victor M González

Director and Founder of Sperientia [studio+lab]

This workshop introduces participants into the practice of systematic comparative analysis of qualitative data collected during interviews, focus groups, observations or document study.

Following practical and proven lessons derived from the context of Experience Design for Products and Services, the participants learn how to build models and grounded theories from their data so they can inform the definition of Personas (Archetypes), Customer Journeys, Blue Prints, User Stories, and other common elements of User-Centered Design models. Concepts are introduced through hands-on activities illustrating the application of techniques by analyzing interview transcripts and memos. The analysis of qualitative data and the workshop are also framed within a model of design research which serves to connect research questions with data analysis outcomes for design. This workshop is for those who are tired to see that their efforts of qualitative research are not as fruitful and insightful as they wish they were and definitely for those we want to go beyond picking quotes from transcripts and put them on presentations. There is a better way for data analysis of qualitative data.