Andrea Lucich & Josefina Colmenero

Andrea Lucich & Josefina Colmenero

UX Leads Researchers at Sperientia

Andrea Lucich is Lead UX Researcher at Sperientia: [Studio + Lab]. She holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Tecnológico de Monterrey. She likes running usability tests to understand the real behavior of users while interacting with a digital platform and discover usability patterns that can be improved to provide better experiences. She has taught Usability Testing Workshops to evaluate digital platforms in an agile way.

#SuperPower: I am good at running usability tests and managing and coordinating different projects within the company

Josefina Colmenero (MSc, B.Des) is Lead UX Researcher at Sperientia [studio+lab]. She holds a Bachelor in Interaction Design and Animation from Iberoamericana University, as well as a Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of York (UK). In her spare time, Josefina works as a consultant in Game User Research with indie studios, which is a topic of special interest to her. She has taught workshops on usability testing and expert evaluation for interactive technologies.

#SuperPower: I'm very good at study design (quantitative and qualitative) and qualitative analysis


Quick Pulse Studies: know how to improve your digital product within a week


For organizations in which the business depends on the development of digital products. Requirements: Laptop per participant.