Mastering the coordination of the elements 🌊💦 Frontend, 💨🌪 UX, 🌿⛰ Backend, to build awesome products

Fotografía de Bonnie Milián

Bonnie Milián

Software Engineer III at Yalo, Speaker & Workshoper

🌊💦 Frontend, 💨🌪 UX, 🌿⛰ Backend, they used to tell me stories of ancient times, those times of peace in which Product Planning kept the balance. But everything changed when the 🔥💥 Chaos Nation attacked.

Only Product Planning is capable of mastering the elements of software development, only he can stop the ruthless market requirements, but when the world needed it most, it disappeared. Together we will find Product Planning, how to manage the development of these elements together, and for the sake of our users we will find the communication and organization of the elements of software development to create an excellent product.