Bonnie Milián

Bonnie Milián

Software Engineer III at Yalo, Speaker & Workshoper

I’m Bonnie Milián, a Woman Guatemalan Developer. I work at Yalo as Software Engineer III, developing internal services that we use to make the day to more than 1 billion people with our conversational experiences.

I studied Systems Engineering and Computer Science at Galileo University in Guatemala.

I love to play with JS and Go, I do Frontend, Backend; I’m fan of Node.js & React, I’m a Speaker & Workshopper. Co-Lead of the community Facebook Developer Circles Guatemala. I really like to boost efforts to share knowledge of both communities and content creators.


Mastering the coordination of the elements 🌊💦 Frontend, 💨🌪 UX, 🌿⛰ Backend, to build awesome products


🌊💦 Frontend, 💨🌪 UX, 🌿⛰ Backend, they used to tell me stories of ancient times, those times of peace in which Product Planning kept the balance. But everything changed when the 🔥💥 Chaos Nation attacked.