Andrea Lucich & Josefina Colmenero

Andrea Lucich & Josefina Colmenero

UX Leads Researchers at Sperientia

Andrea Lucich is Lead UX Researcher at Sperientia: [Studio + Lab]. She holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Tecnológico de Monterrey. She likes running usability tests to understand the real behavior of users while interacting with a digital platform and discover usability patterns that can be improved to provide better experiences. She has taught Usability Testing Workshops to evaluate digital platforms in an agile way.

#SuperPower: I am good at running usability tests and managing and coordinating different projects within the company

Josefina Colmenero (MSc, B.Des) is Lead UX Researcher at Sperientia [studio+lab]. She holds a Bachelor in Interaction Design and Animation from Iberoamericana University, as well as a Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of York (UK). In her spare time, Josefina works as a consultant in Game User Research with indie studios, which is a topic of special interest to her. She has taught workshops on usability testing and expert evaluation for interactive technologies.

#SuperPower: I'm very good at study design (quantitative and qualitative) and qualitative analysis

Workshop: Quick Pulse Studies: know how to improve your digital product within a week (Spanish)

7 March Saturday, 16:00 - 19:45 hrs 

For organizations in which the business depends on the development of digital products, it is very important to obtain information on how their users interact with their product and the experience it provides. Obtaining this information in an agile and constant way about the User Experience (UX) is a priority to help minimize risks and find solutions to the frustrations that users face with their products. In addition to the usability of a product, organizations today must guarantee its desirability since this gravitates the success of their business.